How To Submit Sitemap To Google Search Console

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Written by Mohammed Rafi

We all know that Google is the top search engines in the world.Ranking a Keyword in google search engine is not easy as you think.You have to build quality backlinks and to follow some good SEO strategy.To rank in google, the first thing you have to do is submitting your sitemap to google search console.It helps google to understand your blog very easily, and your site gets index very fastly.To submit sitemap to google read this guide carefully.

How To Add Your Site To Google Webmaster

Before Submitting your sitemap, you have to add your site to google webmaster and to verify your ownership.To add your site to google just follow this step.

How To Add Your Blogger Site To Google Webmaster

To add your blogger blog for better SEO

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard->Settings->Search Preferences->Google Search Console->Edit


  • Visit This Link
  • Click Search Console
  • After Visiting Google Search Console Click Add a Property
  • Enter your site’s URL
  • Next, You have to verify your ownership
  • The easiest way to verify ownership is using alternate method
  • Click Alternate Method
  • Select HTML Tag
  • Copy the Code
  • Paste it above </head> Section in your template
  • Click Verify
  • Now you have verified your ownership

How To Add Your WordPress Site To Google Webmaster

  • Visit This Link
  • Click Search Console
  • Click Add Property
  • Enter Your site’s URL
  • Click alternate method
  • Choose HTML Tag
  • Copy the value inside content(Don’t Copy the whole HTML Code.Copy only the thing inside content for eg <meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”Copy This” />
  • Go to your WordPress dashboard
  • Click SEO->Webmasters Tools->Paste the copied code inside Google webmaster
  • Click Verify

Note: The above method is For Yoast SEO.

Submit Sitemap To Google Webmaster

After adding your sitemap to google webmaster, you have to submit sitemap to get your site index very fastly whenever you add a new post to your site
To add sitemap to your site follow these steps

Submitting Sitemap Of Your Blogger Blog To Google Webmaster

After verifying your ownership follow these steps
  • Enter into search console of your website after verifying ownership
  • Go To Crawl->Sitemap
  • Select Add/Test Sitemap
  • Paste this inside the box atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500
  • Click Submit   

Submitting Sitemap Of Your WordPress Blog To Google Webmaster

To submit your WordPress site to your WordPress site
  • Enter into search console of your website after verifying ownership
  • Go To Crawl->Sitemap
  • Select Add/Test Sitemap
  • Copy the sitemap links from your SEO plugin.Mostly sitemap_index.xml
  • Paste it into the box
  • Click Submit


Adding your site to google webmaster help us many things.We can index our post fastly.Do share this post with your friends and help us to grow.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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