How To Add Bigrock Custom Domain To Blogger

Written by Mohammed Rafi

We all know that blogger is one of the biggest blogging networks in the world.Adding custom domain to your blogger helps us to increase Blogspot SEO.If you don’t have a custom domain I recommend you to buy one.Adding custom domain from bigrock is so easy.You just need a little tech knowledge and a peace of mind.Follow below steps carefully to add bigrock custom domain to blogger.

Add Bigrock Custom Domain To Blogger

To setup bigrock custom domain to blogger, you should need a registered domain from bigrock.

First thing you need to do is Login to your bigrock account and then go to Manage orders and select List/Search Orders and select the domain you want to usebig rock custom domain

Now scroll down and find “DNS Management” and select “Manage DNS

big rock blogger custom domain

After selecting Manage DNS a new window will be opened.In that select “Add A Record

Enter this address in Destination IPv4 Address and leave the hostname empty.Click Add Record

bigrock add A record

Now Do the same for below three address separately

Now minimize the window

Now Go To blogger.Select->Settings->Basic->Publishing and Click Set Up a third party URL for your blog.Add your domain name and click save

Blogger will show an error as shown in below picture.Note down the two records shown in blogger

blogger custom domain

Go To Bigrock window which you minimize in previously.Click CName records and select Add CName record

Add the first record shown by blogger(same for everyone).In host name type www and in value type ghs.google.com(use the second box as shown in image).Click Add record

bigrock cname record

Now add second record by copying hostname and value from your blogger.Click Add record


After doing this Go to blogger->settings->basic->Publishing and Click Set Up a third party URL for your blog.Add your domain name and click save

This time it saves successfully unlike previous time.

Congratulations you have successfully added your bigrock domain to blogger.If you have any problems in adding your custom domain please tell us through comment section.



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