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weird websites
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If you are looking for interesting and weird sites to avoid stress and bore then this list of weird websites,funny,interesting websites is for you.These list consist of a weird websites to visit

Kindly bookmark this sites.

Happy Veterans Day Poems

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Top 10 Weird And Unusual Websites Around The Internet

First, let us see the list of top 10 weird and unusual websites 2017 in the internet.

Eel Slap

Angry with your boss?Want to slap anybody?
 Just visit this site and remove your angry on the man sitting there.
Don’t ask me why I added this site to weirdest websites list instead of funniest websites list.

Snap Bubbles

How many of you like to pop bubble wrap which comes inside electronics or gift boxes?
(Almost Everyone?)
This weird site allow us to pop bubble wrap virtually and it sounds same as bubble wrap

Rainy Mood

“Rainy Mood Helps You To Focus, Relax and Sleep”
A site for rain? lovers.However, there is nothing virtual show of rain on that site. Just a sound of rain in the background.
Click Here To Visit Rainy Mood


I Don’t know how to pronounce its name.
This site is for He-man fans.This site will possibly be the weirdest sites on the internet.
Visit this site to watch “How He-Man Sings

Staggering Beauty

When you open this site a worm will appear.Control that worm with your mouse.After Sometimes something will happen.To know that just visit the below link
(Note: Avoid Headset and Loudspeakers?)
Click Here To Visit Staggering Beauty

Pointer Pointer 

This will be the best creative sites you have seen.When you visit this weird site you will be asked to place your cursor at any part.After that, an image will appear the people inside the image will show their finger? towards the cursor.


There is nothing to say about this weird site.Just go and watch? yourself


This site is absolutely for cat? lovers.A Cat will move along a background song

List of Top Interesting Websites To Cure Boredom

These are the interseting sites to cure your boredom.


Instant No button!Star Wars Funnies FTW!
Having a bad day visit this site.Feel relax?


This is the best illusion? site you will finding on the internet.The graphics used in this is really superb.Have a visit to this site


A funny orgy GIF of dogs? passing from one end to another.

Click Here To Visit Corgiorgy

Jello Time

Play with jelly with wonderful sounds in the background.This will be the weirdest and useless sites you will be visiting today

Corndog On Corndog

How many of you like corn??.
Just visit this site something will going to happen with you?

Patience Is Virtue

Patience is virtue, isn’t it?
If you have patience you will win everything.Be patience and visit this site

Zombo Com

Welcome to Zombo com.This is Zombo com.Anything is possible in Zombo com
This is not a normal sentence.To know its importance just visit this site?.

Falling Falling

This may be a weird and a bit interesting site.Colorful objects will fall endlessly with a wonderful sound in the background.


A small funny site.You have to grab a glass and fix in the face near there?.

List Of Strange and Funny Weird Websites

Look at the list of strange and funny websites.


“All Glory To The Hypnotoad”
You will see a small toad? which will try to hypnotize you.

Endless Horse

I don’t have anything to say about this website.The name itself a description about it.
If you reached the end of the horse? informs me through below contact form.(Just Kidding?)

 Top Funny Websites

Now let us see the best funny websites around the internet

I look like Obama

This man will be the most sarcastic guy you have seen.
Hi, my name’s Trevor, and I look like Barack obama.I’ve had lots of people stop me on the streets, ask me about taxes and healthcare and things like that”
A man named Trevor is saying that he looks like Obama and people ask him about tax details etc..
The main thing is “this guy doesn’t look like Obama

Bored Button- weird websites

Feeling bored?.Just visit this site you will feel better.This will be funny as well as interesting

Awkward Family Photos-weird websites

The Collection of funny, weird and awkward photos all over the internet.You will die out laughing? after visiting this weird site
The nicest place on the internet
Stay Cool.Visit this site and enjoy your time

Do Not Go On

“Everyone makes mistake.You just click on a place you Shouldn’t Click on.Please go back peacefully”
Feeling Confused? just visit this you will get to know

Click Here to visit do not go on


Enjoyed this weird sites.Bookmark all the sites I mentioned above?(including mine) whenever you feel bored visit it and make your time interesting.
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