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Blogger SEO
Written by Mohammed Rafi
Blogger SEO is one of the least discussed topic.If you are a Blogspot blogger you will come to know how hard is to get organic traffics to your blog In spite of being the biggest blogging platform, Blogspot will lag when it comes to Search Engine Optimization(SEO).The main reason is the absence of SEO plugins for blogger.Due to the absence of SEO plugins we need to optimize our blogger manually.

Though we optimize our blog manually it is not enough for our blog to compete with WordPress blogs .

Don’t Worry I will tell you some magic SEO tips which helps you to rank your page higher in search engines

Things we are going to see in this post

  • On Page Blogspot SEO Tips
  • Off Page Blogspot SEO Tips

On Page Blogger SEO 

On page SEO and Off page SEO are one of those things that everyone should know as a blogger.

Confused with  On Page and Off page SEO.Don’t worry read this to get an idea.

On Page SEO is everything you do on your blog to increase your rankings.The examples of an On page SEO is Blog design, Keywords, Interlinking, and so on.On page SEO is necessary to grow your audience and to increase your traffic”

Off Page Blogger SEO

Off page SEO is the thing you do outside of your blog to increase SEO.Popular Off page SEO techniques are Generating Backlinks, Social bookmarking, Blog Directory etc..”
This will help you to increase your blog SERP’s and help you to drive more traffic.

How to make blogger SEO friendly

To make your blog SEO friendly follow these blogger SEO 2017 tips.All the below tips are On Page SEO which you must follow within your blog.These below blogspot SEO tutorial will help you to increase your rankings.

Using Custom Domain in Blogspot Blogs

Using custom domain to your Blogspot blog will increase your SEO and helps you in branding your blog.There is lots of difference in traffic after using a custom domain in my other blogs.That’s the reason why I started this blog with custom domain itself.You can easily setup custom domain in blogger.
Buying a domain is not costlier as you think.I purchased this domain for less than $4(INR.250) including privacy protection.

Optimize Post Title

Post title plays a major role in SEO.If we use default blogger template the blog title is followed by post title.This is very harmful to your Blogger SEO.
For a well-optimized blog, the post title should follow blog title.For that Just Follow these steps
Go to Blogger->Edit HTML

Find the above code and replace it with
<b:if cond= ‘data:blog.pagetype == &quot;index&quot;’> 



Ok Now you finished post title optimization succesfully?
(Note: This is only for default template users others check before proceeding)

Enable Custom Robots Header Tags

Custom robots header tags are one of the best things that blogger has introduced blog more SEO friendly.It tells the search engine that what are the things that need to be optimized and what should be left.(Isn’t it cool ?)

How to enable custom robot header tags

custom robots header tags
Go to Blogger Dashboard->Settings->Search Preferences->Enable Custom Robots Header Tags
✓Tick the boxes which I have tick in above image

Enable Custom Robots.txt

custom robots text

Both Custom Robots header tags and Custom Robots.txt should be handled with carefully.Because a small mistake can lead you to a big problem.

It helps search engine to avoid crawling of unnecessary things like archive pages and search pages and make our blogspot SEO better.

The main thing comes here.Now everyone has a doubt what we should type under robots.txt box
Go to this link
Type your URL there
Copy the code that appears
Paste it in the Box

(Note: To check your robots.txt Go to

Submit Your Site To Google Search Console

This is very important tips that everyone should follow to make their blog visible to search engines.Google search console is a free service by google that helps google to crawl our site.
To submit your blog to search console just follow these simple steps(Really Simple?)
Go To Blogger Dashboard->Search Preference->Google Search Console
Click Edit(New Tab will open)
Verify Your Ownership(it is very easy)
Go To Sitemap->Add/Test Sitemap->Paste the required code from robots.txt as shown in above image ->Click Submit
Submit your sitemap to other search engine

Meta Tag Description

In previous we have to code to add meta tags to our blog but after the new update, we don’t need to code things.Just type your blog description in meta tag description box.This is one of the best blogspot seo tips that everyone must use.

Meta tags really be helpful in SEO and it helps the readers to understand your niche

To add Meta tag
Go To Blogger Dashboard->Settings->Search Preference->Enable Meta Tag Description->Type your blog descriptions in the dialog box
(Note: The Description shouldn’t exceed 140 words)

Example:SEOfari is a blog for beginners to learn SEO, Monetization, and Blog Customization

Custom Page Not Found

custom page not found

A 404 error message is an irritating to everyone.Mostly 404 occurs due to broken link.By following this tips you can convert this traffic to any of your pages.

Look what I have written in the image.Write a good pleasant message and try to send them to your popular post or your home page

Custom Redirects

custom redirection

Custom Redirects is another way to convert your broken link into traffic.When some other blogger linked his blog to your blog.If accidently the link is broken or you removed that post from your blog but you still want to redirects the traffics use this method

Go To Custom Redirects in Search and Preference
In From type the broken link
In To type the link where you want to redirect
Click Save 
(Note: Use Google Search Console to find broken links)

 Custom Permalink

custom permalink

When it comes to Blogger SEO your blog post’s URL will really be helpful in ranking your page higher.Avoid using automatic permalink because automatic permalink contains stop words which are harmful to SEO.To avoid these use custom permalink.To use custom permalink go to permalinks present on the right side.

(Note: Try to use keywords in your permalink.avoid lengthy URL)

Keywords in Blogspot SEO



Keywords is a single or a group of words from your article which is going to represent your whole article before search engines

How to choose right keyword


It is often told that Choosing right keyword is an art so you have to be more concern while choosing keywords.Research your keyword with online tools which I mentioned below

  • Semrush (Recommended)
  • Google keyword Planner 
To select right keyword Visit Semrush(a free Semrush test search is provided on right side) and type your post title
Note down all the possible keywords
From that choose the keyword which has average search and low competition
Check your competitions for that keyword
For more Details keyword research

How to use keywords in our blog

The keyword should be in the ratio of 2% in your whole post.Use keywords in H1, H2, H3 tags and try to use them in links
Avoid over stuffing of keywords as it is bad for SEO.
Use LSI keywords in your blog post.According to backlinko, LSI Keywords will help you in your On Page SEO.You can use LSIGraph to find LSI Keywords.

Breadcrumbs in SEO

Have you heard this word breadcrumbs before?
When it comes to SEO “Breadcrumbs is a graphical representation which tells navigation of your blog.In, short it tells the visitor about their present location from home page.It really helps the user to navigate easily through your sites.Installing Breadcrumbs will help you to increase rankings.

(Note: It takes 24 hours from installation for your blog to appear with breadcrumbs in search engines)

Image Optimization

image seo

Can optimize your image will really award you a great traffic?

Yes because images will top easily in search engines comparing to the post.If you used the perfect image related to keywords your traffic will get the increase.
To optimize your image in blogger Click the  image
Then click Properties
In Title Text type the title of the image

In ALT text type the text that you want to appear instead of image if image fails to load and it is for search engines(Use keywords in it)

Compress Your Image Size

Your page speed is also the main thing that search engines will notice.The big image size images will take more time to upload.So compress your image using Tinypng without affecting image quality

Search Description

If you see the right side of your blogger editor you will see search description box or seo post description.It helps the search engine to know about your articles easily.

In search description box type your keywords and related keywords.
My keyword is Blogger SEO. Now I will type a short description about my post including main keyword and few LSI keyword.

Interlink and Outbound link


 Linking your old blog post to a new post is called interlink.There is a lot of benefits in SEO due to passes link juice to your old post and it helps us in ranking higher

Outbound links
Linking your blog to some other domain is called outbound links.Outbound links are really useful in SEO.Always link to a blog having high page rank and high domain value.


Optimizing Comment Section

  Spammers are the real threat to our SEO.They link a low-quality site to our site by commenting on it.It will create a negative SEO.
To avoid such things enable comment moderation and allow only register users to comment.Optimizing comment will increase your SEO.
To enable comment moderation
Go To->Settings->Post,Comments and Sharing
In Who Can Comment Select Registered Users
In Comment Moderation Select Alway

SEO Do’s and Don’ts

blogger seo do'sand don'ts


Blogspot is best blogging platform for beginners.If we use the above tips properly we can easily increase our page rank.If you have any queries please tell us through the comment section.
If you think this post is useful please share and let your friends know.





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  • Great post on search engine optimization. Great little infographic too! These tips will definitely get the ball rolling. I would suggest one more tip and that would be to go for long content, at least 1000 words or more if possible.

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